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Vegan guesthouse Hungary

The Vegan guesthouse is booked for an autumn, winter & spring retreat from October 2016 until April 2017. Booking will be available again from May 2017.

Looking for a vegan or 100 % vegetarian Holiday? We share our smoke free and vegan guesthouse in Hungary. Organic food. Private Yoga lessons optional.
Hungary is a beautiful holiday destination. As we have discovered it is one of the last countries in Europe where the authentic  culture can still be felt. Our vegan guesthouse is about a 1.30 hour drive from Budapest. Traveling by train the nearest train station is Tiszafured.

As traveling vegetarians or vegans who are looking for a place to stay our 2- persons guesthouse in the Tiszalakes Hungary, is an ideal place to rest. The smoke free guesthouse adjoins our farmhouse, all the authentic features remain. There is a small village to do basic grocery shopping. We live with the seasons, as do most Hungarians, fruit and vegetables are locally grown. We look forward to when the walnut  and fruit trees are ready to share their harvest with us.

The view from the covered terrace is of the garden,sitting here you feel the stress of life drifting away. I quite often practice yoga in a small room which we have furnished simply, ready to become the room you need, maybe a reading room or yoga room. The energy is so peaceful that it inspires you to create the space you need.. 
In the surrounding area you can spend hours enjoying all that the Tisza rivers and lakes have to offer, beautiful lakes to cycle or walk around,rural woodland, small villages to explore, and of course many different water sports are available you can discover the lakes by boat, canoe or sail boat hire. In Abadszalok along with beaches there is a feeling of a summer holiday by the sea.  

You can read in the chapter Tisza region what there is to find and enjoy in the island with untamed nature.   You can experience how in comparison with the North of Europe time goes by at a more leisurely pace, here it is easy to forget time and find rest in yourself.

The vegan guesthouse offers a simple vegan breakfast, this we prepare for you each morning using seasonal products. For a spiritual holiday. We are open from April to October, in these months the weather is ideal for your holiday. You are welcome to reserve your room from 2 nights. Please see the chapter on prices. We look forward to hearing from you. For a special, vegan holiday.

Smoke free.

Our guesthouse and surrounding ground is smoke free.  We experience our guesthouse as a haven so that the clean air and countryside can be to enjoyed by us all.

Vegan restaurants in Budapest.

Budapest is a beautiful city, it is also a wonderful place to be a vegetarian/ vegan!. Please see the website from Happy Cow for all the addresses.

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