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Veganism to me can be explained when you compare my western way of life to one of the yoga sutras, Ahimsa.
- Ahimsa is not causing pain. Causing pain can be even more harmful than killing. Even by your words, even by your thoughts, you can cause pain. In the presence of non- violence all hostilities cease. When it is practiced continuously in thought, word and deed for some time, the entire personality brings out those vibrations.
I believe strongly in causing no unnecessary harm to anybody or anything. I treat with respect all that I eat and am very grateful to the earth that we have such a vast choice.
Hans has a deep understanding for how plants grow, living in the vegan guesthouse we have the ability to live alongside a beautiful natural way of life.  .
When Hans and I met we both came from different vegan paths, together the path we have formed has allowed each of us to reach our dreams.
Yoga for me is when my body and mind are intimately connected. Through yoga I can scan my body feeling where it is blocked and taking my breath there to where it is needed. There are many beautiful yoga texts, but one which I came across during a philosophy weekend was from the Peace Pilgrim, “ When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others”. We all need to find that peace, practicing yoga helps you to feel the possibilities your body and mind can achieve together.

Nature is speaking ( ontroerend, nature is speaking!)



Hans, Veganism:

If everybody could be a vegan there would be no more hunger.

If everybody could be a vegan there would be no more wars.

If being a vegan became the norm there would be no more animal suffering.

Veganism could be the healing factor on earth and for the earth.

Veganism brings reconciliation, awareness and simplicity.

Veganism for a better and fairer world.

Happiness is so simple and available for everyone.

That is why Sheena and I are vegans.

Our guesthouse is a place of peace and pleasure for you to share.