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dinsdag 13 september 2016
Chakra yoga.
Tags: 4 senses., 5 elements, 7 chakras, Chakra yoga, natural world, vibrating spinning discs
One of my favourite forms of yoga is chakra yoga. Within our Astral bodys we have 7 chakras, these vibrating spinning discs link us with the natural world. It is through chakra yoga & meditation that we become part of the 5 natural elemnets, earth, water, fire, air & ether, & we can connect & breath life into our 4 senses,smell, taste, vision &touch. Through mindfully concentrating & generating energy through our breath & movement we can channel energy up the sushumna nadi (along the spine) to conect to & experience our vital energy source. This colourful mindful yoga can easily be done in a still place, if you would like to experience a visionary practice you can clik on my link below where i have a guided chakra yoga class:  Chakra yoga. Enjoy!
Yogini Sheena.
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maandag 12 september 2016
yoga and a vegan lifestyle.
Tags: awareness, inbalance., pure, vegan food, vegan lifestyle, Yoga weekend
Practicing Yoga brings you closer to the natural world. We learn by connecting closer to our true self how we are one with all living things. You become more sensitive to anothers suffering, many yoga followers are vegetarian, but as your awareness grows the natural step to a vegan lifestyle is small. Plantbased diets are nutritious when well balanced, you eat more with the changing of the seasons, eating foods that are plentiful & just from harvest increases their vital energy & so also your own. Vital energy feeds your cells with the nutrients needed for that time of year. As your senses thrive your own awareness & conciousness is clear & pure. That is why our guesthouse is vegan.
There are many yoga holidays, retreats & weekends where you can sample vegan food. These breaks away from home are ideal times to experiment with the vast array of vegan dishes, & to experience how much clearer & inbalance your body feels. Ayurveda cures are also a wonderful way to introduce yourself to a cleaner, purer, yoga /vegan lifestyle. Please check out this website to see all the yoga breaks available:
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